HMS Stranglehold

Life of Adventure

Have you ever longed for the adventure of a life at sea as it was experienced by the pirates of old? The feel of saltspray on your face? The thrill of breaking the lock on a chest of stolen treasure and throwing back the lid to see the riches inside?

Who are we?

The¬†Stranglehold is a reenactment group dedicated to the representation of pirate life at Renaissance Fairs and themed events in Southern California. While we cannot promise you the thrill of a sea voyage,¬† we can promise you a fun experience as a member of the Stranglehold’s Crew, or ample entertainment when we appear at your themed event. You can find us at the Escondido Renaissance Faire each April and November where we are encamped in Pirate’s Cove and have a whale of a good time entertaining the crowds with a variety of skits