Do you like to act? Do you like costuming? Are you interested in stage and video production? The Stranglehold is a performing art group based in the heart of San Diego. Making appearances at Renaissance Faires, Conventions, and Charity events throughout all parts of California. Arizona, and Nevada. We are looking for new members to join our group of like-minded people.

The Worlds of the Stranglehold


The Crew of the IKV Stranglehold has been flying missions since 1990. What was originally built on the Klingons a Rodenberry creation for the series and movies “Star Trek” turned into a fan group for The Stranglehold of like-minded friends and charity meet-ups became a continuing adventure series 28 years strong…


The Stranglehold is a reenactment group dedicated to the representation of pirate life at Renaissance Faires and themed events in Southern California. While we cannot promise you the thrill of a sea voyage, we can promise you a fun experience as a member of the Stranglehold’s Crew, or ample entertainment when we appear at your themed event. You can find us at the Escondido Renaissance Faire each April and November where we are encamped in Pirate’s Cove and have a whale of a good time entertaining the crowds with a variety of skits…


The League of Supremely Evil Revolutionaries is a group comprised of Evil Geniuses, Femme Fatales, Mad Scientists, Rogues, Pirates, Thugs, Minions, Anarchists, and general Evil Doers bent on taking over the world and enslaving humanity for their own end. The League of Supremely Evil Revolutionaries (L.O.S.E.R.) was formed after the defeat of many of it members individually at the hands of the dogooders, and adventurers running around

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