Our Mission

Our Mission

The crew of the Stranglehold is dedicated to presentation and education withan artistic flair. Our ongoing misson to provide the enjoyment of costuming through performing. Our members will assume the attire and persona of characters, cultures and lifestyles as presented on film and television. With this we entertain and educate child and adult in the daily lives, duties, skills, terminology, and even the politics of these characters to the community. The presentation to the community will consist of skits, improvisational acting, or scripted performances.

Costuming through Performing

Our members love the aspect of forming a persona through building and designing a character with a story and personality. Bringing this full circle by dropping this character in the midst of the community to provide an educational experience to attendee’s.

Entertain and Educate

Providing Entertainement by Education Attendee’s of all ages of the daily life, duties, skills, terminology, and even Politics of these characters in a experience and improvisational experience representation of a lifestyle presented to the Community.

Presentation to the Commuinty

Performing and Educating the community through the use of Skits, Improv, or Scripted performances and have fun doing it while providing lasting memories and fun for others.