Our Timeline

The Timeline So Far…

1995 and 1996 – the Stranglehold appeared at San Diego Comic-Con performing the Klingon Nentay
ceremony. Non-scripted it had several Klingons and Con Guests go through the River of Pain.

1997 First scripted Comic-Con play – did not make any reference to the Stranglehold as it involved a
Klingon Lord, a captain of the ceremony, and 3 Klingons for the nentay.

Pre-show for the First Contact –relations shaky w/Federation & Klingons, Vedek calms situation because of
Borg threat

1998 Nentay for Con-dor – Klingons celebrating, Hupwi’ Be’ pu are introduced, Stranglehold under
orders from Admiral Kutaj to attack Nomicron 3 and destroy the power station at Lorax.

1998 Comic-con Play – Saw Klingons boasting of their successes against the Jem’Hadar and Cardassian
ships. Members of the Stranglehold were being honored by Kahless and Gowron as they received the
Order of the Bat’leth. A new 2nd officer is made during a vItHay – a battle to prove guilt or innocence. In
the end, the Klingons are ordered to go with the Federation Taskforce to retake Deep Space nine.

1999 Condor/Comic-Con play – The “official Hupwi’ Be’ pu ceremony is created. Takes place at Martok’s
home with Gowron as a guest. Duras family (sans Lursa and B’Tor because they are dead) is revealed to
have a plot in place to marry Martok’s son Drex. A guard dies at the hands of Drex only later to find that
the blade was poisoned. Duras banished. Con-dor ending everyone dies by poison brought in by K’Tor
who is working for the Duras family.

Comic-Con ending Duras family left a bomb that is deactivated by Starfleet.

1999 Comic-Con – play starts with the “Green Beret” beginning w/Feddie news asking why the Klingon
Empire is building up their weapons now that the war with the Dominion is over. This is the play that
introduces the story of K’Han Den who attended the academy with Baltek and K’Tor, how the Duras
the family tried to swing K’Tor to work for them but he had warned K’Han of their plan, how K’Han became
the “Cosmic Menace” and how they went from a Bird of Prey to a K’Tinga class destroyer.

2000 Comic-con – The campfire play which consisted of 3 stories of various Klingon experiences like the infamous Targ hunt and the introduction of Karg.

2001 Comic-Con – the trial of K’Han Den for his past actions revealed in his story. Revealed that the ship keeps a retired Admiral locked up in his cabin. Introduces Maari the Cardassian who holds a hatred for K’Han Den and the Stranglehold for their involvement in the destruction of Septimus III.

2002 Comic-Con – the Stranglehold arrives at a Klingon Outpost that the Romulans have taken over. Maari is captured, R’Mar (who is searching for her sister) is taken on board as well as Mottegh and Khartog.

2003 Comic-Con – the Stranglehold picks up a Romulan Ambassador for peace negotiations. Revealed that R’Mar might be involved with something that affects the new Romulan government.

2004 Comic-Con – while on shore leave at Risa the Stranglehold is taken over by a band of renegade Klingons working for Maari until they find that it is better to do things their way…until they die (though later we will find they are still alive).

2005 Comic-Con – the Stranglehold was taken by the Admiral but is found abandoned as a rescue team goes on board. They are met by someone who looks like Seven of Nine only to find that the Borg has created NX of Borg as they attempt to invade the Klingon Empire. K’Han has been assimilated but is
rescued in the end. Romulan R’Mar is still part of the crew.

2006 Comic-Con – A missing Bajoran Orb is found which bring back all the original memories of Karg who  proceeds to set up a war between factions on board the Stranglehold based on the purity of the Klingon  race. In the end K’Tor is killed by Karg because it turns out that K’Tor was actually a Romulan. The introduction of Merkin.

2007 Comic-Con – the Barge of the Dead finds K;Han Den and a few others from the crew after the death of K’Tor. Each member of the crew must find/fight something to return to the land of the living.  This is the last of R’Mar. Maari learns that her hatred of K’Han was misplaced and K’Han learns to let the dead lie. The introduction of Q’aghmar.

2008 Comic-Con – the return of the Sgt Major, the introduction of Eba the Ferengi, and the new 1st  Officer B’Raka. Khartog is heard via communicator. It turns out that NX has returned disguised as  K’Hontas. An Andorian spy is also introduced and it is revealed that Khartog is on a mission for the  Empire.

2009 Comic-Con – The Stranglehold is sent to the Wizzleteeth System to give aid to the Science Vessel  Hurgh Hap in the subjugation of a new race. It is revealed that Q’aHgmar is part of a secret organization  (could this be Section 31?) not just the Intelligence Officer. Maari knew who he was. He proceeds to take over the Stranglehold. It is then revealed that B’Raka is actually K’Tor who had been saved by  Q’aHgmar and remade into B’raka.

2010 Comic-Con – The Admiral is accused of killing the organizer Vic Tem of the Peace Negotiations and  Starfleet seeks to arrest him. Merkin and Eba solve the case. 

2011 Comic-Con The crew find themselves in the Mirror Universe during a battle between the Alliance and Terran Empire rebels. The crew must act like they are the Stranglehold of that universe to try and get back In the course of the escape K’Han Den is shot so that the crew can return.

2012 Comic-Con – Transporting the mortally wounded K’Han Den a ship steals the body and the crew has to bring him back. Is it the Romulans? It seems that the Borg want him again so NX returns.

2013 Comic-Con – K’Han Den is supposedly dead disarming a bomb at a peace conference only to find he managed to escape. He is sent on a mission with a Cardassian Agent known as Dal Miasma and a  Federation Android known as B3 by Capt. Char Meleon. In the end, a Dominion Shapeshifter known as Iniquitous is responsible for the plague, which turns out he has been impersonating as Char, and Dal  Miasma has been working with him. The return of the Andorian Sarana and the introduction of Lo’Ell the Orion. 

2014 Comic-Con – the Stranglehold is sent to investigate the destruction of the IKV be’Hom Haghbe’  from Time waves. They find a town of people who live in the style of Steampunk and the professor has created a machine (the P.H.A.R.T). Lo’Ell and the Ferengi Tao are hoping to steal it

2015 Comic-Con – the crew is transported off of the Stranglehold and placed in odd parts of a world like  Wonderland. They meet an odd creature known as Chaos who seems to be in control of the world. It turns out that the world is part of the malfunctioning computer stolen from the Recreation Planet by two Pacleds hired by the Ferengi Tao. Karg and his ship make an appearance and his insanity is beginning to return.

2016 Comic-Con – the crew of the Stranglehold return to the Mirror Universe before the events of their prior visit through Lo’Ell trying to steal the P.H.A.R.T. It is the final days of the Terran Empire vs. the  Alliance and their interference may affect that timeline. Introduction of Wurth Lesterman (Mirror) and  Ulysses Reginal Edward (Mirror)

2017 Comic-Con – returning to the Stranglehold the K’Tor is concerned with his daughter K’Hontas being in sickbay after being stabbed by Lo’Ell who is trying to get off the ship. Meanwhile, the Mirror Universe  ISS Stranglehold has used the P.H.A.R.T. to enter this universe with the goal to conquer it. The first time we  meet Section 31 Agent Ariel Sylph and the death of the Mirror Universe Bromidic

2018 Comic-Con – the Stranglehold goes to Polyandrium in search of a power source. There they encounter the crew of the USS UniKitty, the Space Pirate Boots and Lo’Ell, and a set up by Dal Miasma over the MaGuffin. Introduction of Zam Rogers and Capt. Miridia Novax.

2019 Comic-Con – Treasure Island – the crew of the Stranglehold and the USS UniKitty go to DS9  regarding the Federation’s plan to withdraw from Cardassian Space. While there they are kidnapped, their minds erased, and end up in the story of Treasure Island. All a plan by Dal Miasma and Section 31. Agents  M (Manfredi) and J (Johnson) are introduced as well as Capt. Ulysses Reginald Edward III. 

2020 Comic-Con Online – The USS UniKitty is in orbit around Comiconicous Prime and receiving strange signals as a strange alien craft has appeared. When the IKV Stranglehold appears a strange effect takes  Capt. Novax and Zam Rogers plus three crewmembers from the Stranglehold, the Fleet Adm, the Doctor, and etlh chu’. Meanwhile on Risa K’Tor is upset with forced relief time and has a conversation with the  Voice of Risa who tells him of a tale that seems to mirror what has happened to the crew of both ships.  They are in a cell and do not know where they are only to find they are there due to the rogue Boots.

2021 Comic-Con Online – the IKV Stranglehold has taken a small crew to investigate a disturbance in the  Comiconicous Nebula as it is threatened by the Pandemnexius Cloud. The crew plus Zam Rogers on an Officer Exchange program are stuck in a loop where the Stranglehold is repeatedly destroyed. Is it due to the Rogue Boots who keeps popping in before the ship is destroyed each time or is it a group with a darker intent?